Division of Adult Parole Operations

Nonprofit group helps parolees with new clothing

Two women with black bags full of clothing.
Alia Cruz and Latisha Mata stand ready with Bail Bags, an effort help formerly incarcerated people with career appropriate attire for job interviews and college.

Alia Kruz, founder of the Bail Bag Organization, and Parole Services Associate Latisha Mata, of Southern Region Adult Parole Programs, are providing clothing and supplies to newly released parolees.

The idea originated from discussions with parolees who struggle with the basics after they are released. By the time a person paroles from prison, their clothing is often outdated and no longer fits. Gate money received must be used to arrange for transportation or other necessary items.

Bail Bag, along with sponsors such as Sketchers and Sierra Bravo, donate career appropriate clothing and loungewear for men and women parolees in the Orange and Riverside Parole Districts.

How does it work? A Parole Agent submits a referral with clothing sizes to PSA Mata who then sends it to Alia Kruz. When received, Kruz and her staff curate bags based on gender and sizes. Then, they are delivered back to the office for distribution.

Subsequently, parolees who have received a Bail Bag have used their attire for job interviews as well as going back to school at local colleges.

So far the collaboration has been a success. There has been positive feedback from Agents and parolees about the quality of items in each bag.

Learn more about the organization.

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