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Our Promise: California’s comeback

Charitable giving helps ‘Recover, Rebuild, Revive California’

This year’s Our Promise campaign theme is “Recover, Rebuild, Revive California” highlighting the many nonprofit organizations that are helping Californians recover from the many challenges its residents have faced, and the sacrifices they have made, during the last 18 months.

No matter their mission, California’s nonprofits have stepped up to help in big ways, such as:

  • supporting people through financial hardship
  • children’s support
  • providing food and hygiene items
  • assistance with medical care

They are still hard at work helping Californians through wildfires and the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

California's comeback brochure for Our Promise.
The 2021 Our Promise Guide to non-profit organizations.

Our Promise: California State Employees Giving Back at Work offers CDCR and CCHCS staff the opportunity to donate to nonprofits through voluntary payroll deductions.

Each year the Our Promise campaign publishes a Nonprofit Guide, providing an overview of the Our Promise giving process. The guide also lists hundreds of nonprofit donors to support.

But remember, just because a nonprofit isn’t listed on the official guide doesn’t mean you can’t support them. All you need is the organization’s name, tax ID number and address, so the campaign can confirm their 501(c)(3) status. If an organization is interested in becoming a certified Our Promise nonprofit, they should visit

This year’s Nonprofit Guide is available here. To donate, sign up at Cal Employee Connect, a web-based, self-service, portal for California state employees. Cal Employee Connect allows employees to access their pay warrants online and make voluntary one-time or ongoing donations to charities.

Learn more at

Share your passion for helping

We want to feature YOU! CDCR and CCHCS staff go above and beyond each day by giving back to their communities. Please share your photos, videos, or messages about you and your co-workers’ charitable efforts and the organizations you support. We’ll feature them on Inside CDCR and social media. Send to Our Promise Campaign Chair and Co-Chair Sonia Mercado and Krissi Khokhobashvili (both emails can be found in Global).

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