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Our Promise 2021: Paws of Grace helps heal

A puppy at Paws of Grace.
Animals in need of all ages have a safe, peaceful home at Paws of Grace sanctuary.

A sanctuary in the Monterey area is helping heal in a big way by bringing animals in need together with at-risk teens and children with special needs.

The grounds of Paws of Grace in Chualar are home to an array of rescued animals, from abandoned and abused horses to parrots, fainting goats, sheep, and their famous wolf-dog pack. Animal therapists work with the children who visit the sanctuary, using the calming presence of the animals to help the clients cope and recover from trauma, or simply enjoy peaceful moments together.

It’s a charity Tina Morrison, a Medical Scheduler at Correctional Training Facility (CTF) thinks more people should know about, and the 2021 Our Promise campaign is just the time to do it. Morrison is close friends with Paws of Grace founder Tammy Fuller, and has seen first-hand the powerful work happening at the sanctuary.

“Tammy is a God-send,” Morrison shared. “So calm and nurturing – she’s practically a Dr. Doolittle. She has so many different species that should not get along with each other living among each other.”

Paw of Grace can be supported via Our Promise: California State Employees Giving Back at Work, a statewide initiative that lets state workers make voluntary donations to nonprofits of their choice via one-time or ongoing payroll deductions.

Fuller said every donation, no matter the amount, goes toward rescuing more endangered/threatened species and/or to the building material and labor necessary to keep them safe. She also hosts meet-and-greets locally where community members can meet the wolf-dogs and learn about their therapeutic work.

With more than 200 animals representing more than 20 species, Paws of Grace a 24-7 lifestyle for Fuller, who describes herself as a “one-gal operation” when it comes to rescuing, feeding, building, and financing the operation.

“The simplest explanation of what I do is that I rescue and give purpose to animals AND humans that the world has cast out and deemed unworthy,” she said. “I try to help however I can and give them the life and love they deserve. My motto is, ‘Helping humanity one animal at a time.'”

Visit Cal Employee Connect to access the ePledge portal and learn how to make a voluntary donation via one-time or ongoing payroll deduction. The CDCR/CCHCS Our Promise campaign runs September 15 through October 15. Learn more at

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