Community Involvement

Teens in need get help from CCWF

Supplies on a table at CCWF.
Supplies were gathered by CCWF staff and their fiends, then donated to Valley Teen Ranch.

Donations from staff and friends of Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) went to helping teens in need.

For young men ages 18-24 who find themselves struggling, Valley Teen Ranch Transitional Living Home provides housing and supportive services. The youth may be homeless or transitioning from a residential or correctional facility. Mentorship and relationship building are the foundations of this program.

The CCWF donations will directly help teens and young adults in need.

The goal of the Ranch program is to transition the young men to live independently in permanent housing. The Ranch provides ongoing education in independent living skills, including personal care, health care, cooking, nutrition, and money management. The Ranch’s professional staff guides residents in educational opportunities, employment, transportation, and community resources.

“It’s always a great feeling to know CCWF can help organizations such as Valley Teen Ranch who are reaching people in need to help guide them into independent living,” said Warden M. Pallares.

Submitted by Lieutenant Gene Norman

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