Awards and Appreciation

Corcoran staff thanked through barbecue

Staff at California State Prison, Corcoran, were thanked for their dedication, professionalism and hard work. Since food is a sure-fire way to show such appreciation, they were treated to a special meal. Depending on their shift, staff received either a breakfast burrito or a barbecue lunch or dinner.

Corcoran Administration thanked staff last week by hosting a barbecue on Friday October 29.  Administrators funded, cooked, assembled, and delivered a full lunch and beverage to each staff member.

The event started with administration staff reporting to work at 2100 hours. They welcomed the First Watch staff to work, providing them with a locally purchased burrito.

Second and Third Watch staff were treated to a barbecue consisting of a hamburger, hotdog, chips, and beverage. Administration took this opportunity to show their appreciation to each staff member for the hard work that they provide daily.

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