Memorial for retired LAC Warden Thurman

Plaque installed at LAC to honor Thurman

A memorial service for retired Warden Otis Thurman was held November 4 at California State Prison, Los Angeles County (LAC). Thurman was 81 when he passed away January 15, 2021.

Thurman was the prison’s first warden, serving from 1993-1994. He retired a year after the prison was activated. Thurman had a long career in California corrections, beginning at Deuel Vocational Institution in 1962. In all, he worked 32 years for the prison system.

Warden Thurman activated LAC in February 1993.

Kenn Hicks, aid to Thurman in 1993 and the first LAC Public Information Officer, was present to witness the installation of the memorial plaque. Many retirees from the activation team attended the memorial, including Lynn Harrison, retired Community Resource Manager. Harrison also served as the second female mayor of Lancaster.

LAC’s Honor Guard commander and another member placed the memorial plaque in the trophy case and secured it. This was followed by a moment of silence during the playing of “Taps.”

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