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Food trucks gesture of thanks to CCC, PBSP

Food trucks at a CDCR prison.
CCC Warden Suzanne Peery and Chief Executive Officer Robert Duncan gave the food trucks two thumbs up.

Care packages for incarcerated, food trucks for staff

Prisons in Susanville and Crescent City saw food trucks and care packages roll into the parking lots to express gratitude.

California Correctional Center (CCC) and Pelican Bay State Prison welcomed food trucks to feed staff. There were also care packages for the incarcerated population.

Mount Tamalpais College was behind the effort, recognizing the hard work and dedication of staff while helping those in CDCR custody.

California Correctional Center

In the early morning hours, food trucks from Cichy Company and Hefty Gyros rolled into the CCC parking lot. The incarcerated population also received care packages.

Each incarcerated person at CCC, including those at each Northern Fire Camp, received care packages. The packages consisted of food, hygiene, writing material, and COVID-19 information.

Chief Deputy Warden Rob St. Andre enjoyed his lunch from Hefty Gyros which brought him back to his high schools days with one of his favorite songs by Bonnie Tyler, “I need a Hero.”

CDW St. Andre was out promoting Hefty Gyros by changing the lyrics to “I need a Gyro.”

Warden Suzanne Peery and Chief Executive Officer Robert Duncan were grateful for the generous donations and for the great food.

Submitted by Lt. Adelaido Rodriguez.

Pelican Bay State Prison

Pelican Bay prison employees stand in line at food trucks.
Pelican Bay prison staff enjoy food truck offerings provided by Mount Tamalpais College.

To show their appreciation, the Mount Tamalpais College sponsored three food trucks to satisfy the appetites of first, second, and third watch Pelican Bay State Prison staff.

Jody Lewen, Mount Tamalpais president, oversaw the event, which also included more than 2,000 care packages for the incarcerated population.

Food trucks from the Sacramento area and Portland, Oregon, arrived at 4 a.m. They started serving breakfast an hour later. Staff who were ending first watch, as well as second watch as they showed up for work, were treated to a hot breakfast. This went on throughout the day on the different watches. The effort allowed every on-duty Pelican Bay prison employee to receive a breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Mount Tamalpais College provides educational opportunities to the incarcerated population.

Submitted by Lt. Kenny Price.

Learn more about Mount Tamalpais College at their website.

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