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CDCR offers Career Development Summit for staff

CDCR Training Technology and Employee Development will hold the first live Virtual Career Development Summit via the Learning Management System (LMS) on Tuesday, November 16, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The one-day Summit is only open to current staff, not the general public or those seeking state employment.

This Summit has been built for participants to develop an understanding of foundational concepts and develop goals for their future careers. 

A diverse panel of executives and community professionals comprise the Summit. Designed to educate, inform, and inspire, and event connects staff while they also learn about career development. 

The benefits of attending the summit:

  • Hear from executive leaders, including Secretary Kathleen Allison, as they share their inspiring career stories
  • Get answers to hiring and job-related practices from subject matter experts
  • Learn about tools and resources currently available
  • Make new connections with other professionals.

This Summit is a one-day event. The morning session includes guest speakers from CDCR, CCHCS, and Community Professionals. Following lunch, the afternoon is filled with live training events and closing remarks from Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development leaders.

The summit is available for all staff and includes:

  • Networking
  • Live Training Resources
  • Employee Wellness
  • Career Experience Panel
  • Understanding Upward Mobility
  • Live Career Development Trainings
  • Various Community Resources.

Registration for staff only. (Tip: Click the link to open LMS, return to the page, and click again.)

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