Community Involvement, Sports in CDCR

SVSP warden throws out first pitch

SVSP warden and police chiefs throw baseball pitches.
From left are Trent Allen, SVSP Warden; Damon Wasson, Soledad Police Chief; and Deputy Police Chief Fred Lombardi.

After several joint operations, community shows gratitude

Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP) Warden Trent Allen threw out the ceremonial first pitch for Soledad Little League.

Over the past several months, SVSP and Correctional Training Facility have helped Soledad police serve search warrants, targeting gangs and the drug trade.

To thank CDCR and local police, Soledad Little League requested Soledad Police Chief Damon Wasson, Deputy Chief Fred Lombardi, and SVSP Warden Allen to throw the first pitch, starting their 2022 season.

Waiting behind home plate to receive the pitches were catchers Nathan Zarco, Jordan Nichols, and Nathaniel Flores.

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