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SVSP adult school earns six‑year accreditation

Rio Salinas Adult School faculty.
Associate Warden J.J. Hughes, left, M. Thomas Capt., C. Medina AW, R. Mojica AW, E. Beam Capt. (A), P. Cohen – Teacher, V. Lomeli Capt., E. Borla AW, K. Hunt - Teacher, A. Griggs - Teacher, V. Mendoza - Teacher, L. Farley - Principal, B. Dick - Teacher, R. Marinas - OT, S. Cutts - Teacher, N. Kitonyo - Teacher, P. Katzmann - Teacher, R. Diaz Capt. (A), J. Rodriguez - Teacher, E. Phillips - Teacher, T. Allen Warden, B. Sanchez - Teacher, J. Allen - Teacher, F. Moreno - Teacher, M. Tatham - Teacher and S. Gidcumb - Teacher.

Rio Salinas Adult School accredited through June 2028

The adult school at Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP) is committed to collaboration and quality education. Rio Salinas Adult School (RSAS) has earned Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) reaccreditation through June 2028.

WASC reviews schools to ensure their commitment to student learning and ongoing improvement. Following their review in November 2021, WASC found SVSP has a trustworthy education department that supports student learning and achievement. Their findings show the school is deeply committed to school-wide improvement.

The SVSP accreditation process

The educational professionals on WASC’s four-member Visiting Committee held a three-day virtual visit. The school submitted a comprehensive self-study report to the committee that was several years in the making. The report included input from all faculty, custody leadership, and community partners. Every RSAS faculty member participated in virtual interviews with the committee. Also, more than 50 videos show every area and function of the school’s services.

The committee read input and support from students, SVSP warden, chief deputy warden, associate wardens, captains, education officers, and other custody staff. This strong custody-education partnership has resulted in an increase of classroom hours and library visits by students and others over the past two years.

With the help of faculty peer leaders and trainings, the school culture has grown to one of strong collaboration. An example of this is the development of Professional Learning Communities (PLC). PLCs are an ongoing collaboration of educators to share best practices and achieve better results for the students they serve.

SVSP adult school lauded for collaboration

The WASC Commission granted RSAS a six-year accreditation through June 30, 2028. Because the last and only time RSAS earned a six-year accreditation was in 2001, this is an exceptional achievement.

SVSP is very proud of the RSAS team and the commitment of all stakeholders. Their hard work ensures that education continues to be a top priority at SVSP.

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