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CDCR, police serve search warrants

CDCR staff help police serve search warrants.
CDCR Crisis Response Team from Ironwood, Chuckawalla Valley and California Institution for Men helped Blythe police serve multiple search warrants.

Ironwood, Chuckawalla, California Institution for Men team assists with arrests

In the early morning on March 23, the CDCR Crisis Response Team from three prisons joined the Blythe Police Department to serve several search warrants.

The CDCR team comprises staff from Ironwood State Prison, Chuckawalla Valley State Prison, and California Institution for Men. The joint operation also saw agents from the US Border Patrol and California Highway Patrol assisting.

The search warrants and subsequent arrests were the result of a shooting investigation conducted by the Blythe Police Department Detective Bureau, with assistance from the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office.

Logistical support was provided by the police department’s Citizens on Patrol, Palo Verde Transit Agency and Blythe Fire Department. The operation also included shelter and resources for those displaced.

CDCR, police serve search warrants resulting in two arrests

Among those arrested were Blythe residents Chris Cervantes, 21, and Audelio Solorio, 22, on suspicion of being an accessory to commit a felony.

With the rise in violent crime, especially involving firearms, the police department has taken a proactive approach with saturation patrols, dedicated detectives and staff, and using resources of allied law enforcement agencies.

Ironwood prison Warden Neil McDowell and Chuckawalla Valley prison Warden David Holbrook, along with Ironwood prison Chief Deputy Warden (CDW) John Merchant and Chuckawalla Valley prison CDW Christopher Pierce said they are proud of the hard work and dedication from the CDCR’s Crisis Response Team.

“We were happy to have been able to provide assistance to the local law enforcement agency to help keep the public safe,” said Warden McDowell.

CDCR staff regularly assist police to serve search warrants in the community.

By Lieutenant H. Mora, PIO, Ironwood State Prison

CDCR, police serve search warrants on a house.
The CDCR Crisis Response Team serving search warrants with the Blythe Police Department.

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