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Corcoran rehabilitation video focuses on art

Corcoran prison artist and paintings.
Incarcerated artist Joshua Palomino discusses his artwork.

California State Prison, Corcoran, is taking a closer look at rehabilitation through art, thanks to the efforts of two employees.

Recreation Coach Heidi Wippel and Television Specialist Hugh Neely have been creating and capturing positive recreation programs at CSP-Corcoran.

With the pandemic causing programming challenges, Wippel came up with the idea to focus on the arts and music as a means of inspiring others.

Recognizing the talents of incarcerated artists, they began painting a mural to beautify the gym. Inspired by their efforts, a creative culture began to emerge. The men of Corcoran 3A Facility, led by Inmate Advisory Council Chairman Knight, focused on the power of rehabilitation by giving back to their own and to the communities.

Since art and music is a universal language, many incarcerated artists saw their time behind walls as an opportunity to hone their craft.

In a new series showcasing these artists, individuals get a chance to share their art and music with the incarcerated population and their families. Often, these men feel as if they are lost to the world, disconnected from their families, and need a positive outlet to channel their energies.

This is the second showcase featuring incarcerated artist Joshua Palomino. He uses art as a means to find an escape and cope with the challenging environment.

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