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Every 15 Minutes: Discussing DUI dangers

Incarcerated firefighter speaks at a lectern at Every 15 Minutes program. Photos shows her in regular clothing, at left, and in a CDCR prisoner orange outfit.
The dangers of drinking and driving are illustrated as a CCWF incarcerated firefighter wear regular clothing, left, then reveals her CDCR orange outfit, right.

Editor’s note: Every 15 Minutes is a program for teenagers to educate about the dangers of distracted or impaired driving. Learn more about the program.

Incarcerated firefighter speaks at a mock funeral.
A mock funeral, complete with a casket, illustrates the life-and-death dangers of driving under the influence.

While life’s lessons may be best learned through experience, when the audience is teens and the topic is drinking and driving, experience is not the preferred teacher.

The Central California Women’s Facility recently partnered with CHP to take part in The Every 15 Minutes Program. Offering real-life experience without real-life risks, the program exposes teenagers to the dangers of drinking and driving as well as distracted driving.

This powerful program challenges students to think about drinking, texting while driving, personal safety, and making mature decisions.

During the event, two incarcerated firefighters from the women’s facility spoke to students about how they ended up in prison. Both were convicted of vehicular manslaughter while driving under the influence. They shared their stories, from their upbringing to their incarceration.

Their hope is to keep teenagers from making similar mistakes.

“The personal testimonies that our inmate firefighters shared with the high school students during Every 15 Minutes, has helped not only give back to our communities, but also help with the inmates personal healing,” said Warden M. Pallares.

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