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Success for Alarm Response course

Alarm response training with smoke at Correctional Training Facility.
Instructors were re-certified following Alarm Response Training at CTF.

The Office of Correctional Safety (OCS), Emergency Operations Unit (EOU) conducted an Alarm Response Instructor Recertification Course May 24-27 at the Correctional Training Facility (CTF) in Soledad. The course was made possible by a collaboration between the EOU, CTF Administration and with the assistance of the Corrections Peace Officer Standards and Training (CPOST) Job Shadow program.

The primary objective of the Alarm Response Instructor Certification course is to train instructors to provide quality, realistic quarterly training to Institutional staff in the tactical response to incidents.

Alarm Response training is critical to ensure institutions can operate safely and ensure the safety of CDCR staff and CDCR’s incarcerated population.

EOU Captain Josh Kiel stated, “The Alarm Response Instructor course has really evolved. The course has shifted the focus to encompass the tactics available in our department and how to specifically train staff in those tactics. The training these participants are receiving, prepares them to ensure their respective institutions are capable of providing realistic emergency response training that is conducted in the safest possible manner.”

A total of 46 instructors from 25 CDCR Institutions received their re-certification credentials during the training. Following this certification, newly recertified Instructors will be able to return to their Institutions and conduct their own Institution specific reality based drills.

Lt. Brian Sharp (Alarm Response Course Commander) stated, “Warden Martinez (CTF Soledad) and Warden Cates (California Correctional Institution) have been extremely supportive. Both Wardens are advocates of our program, and provided participants with a realistic training venue by opening their Institutions to our program so that we could conduct these courses. Realistic training venues are critical to the success of Alarm Response and I am extremely thankful for Warden Martinez and Warden Cates commitment to Alarm Response training and the value it brings to each institution.”

Earlier in the year Warden Brian Cates assisted EOU in conducting an Alarm Response Instructor Course at CCI in Tehachapi.

A closer look at the Alarm Response training 

The ARIC Re-Certification consisted of four days of intensive training in:

  • tactics
  • policy
  • instructor development
  • and safety protocols.

The training also featured 27 newly hired correctional officers in the Job Shadow program, assisting by role playing as the incarcerated population as well as additional responding staff. 

Also, acting CTF Warden L.A. Martinez and Associate Director Marion Spearman participated in a portion of the training. Alongside staff, they took their places in the skirmish line all while being exposed to CS gas or tear gas.

“When do you see an Associate Director and a Warden standing on a skirmish line shooting a 40mm launcher, training with brand new officers? The (new officers) will remember that forever,” said Lt. TJ Klein, with Correctional Peace Officer Standards and Training. 

Also, CDCR field training sergeants allowed the new correctional officers to participate.

Klein said the project received support from all levels.

“The collaboration, the training and the support was an amazing thing to witness and be a part of,” he said.

By Lt. Wil Landrum, CTF

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