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Parole agents interact with public at truck event

Truck event with parole agents in Long Beach.
Long Beach City Attorney Dawn McIntosh, third from left, and Councilwoman Suzie Price, fourth from right, show support for parole agents in the community.

During the Long Beach Touch-a-Truck community event, parole agents were able to positively engage with the public.

Representing the Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) during the truck event were:

  • Karen Reed, Parole Administrator (A)
  • Rajesh Talwar, Parole Administrator
  • Francisco Saldana, Parole Agent III
  • Richard Jones, Parole Agent II Specialist
  • Milicent Golz, Parole Agent
  • Don Unabia, Parole Agent
  • Maria Serrano, Parole Agent
  • and Eddie Boyd, Parole Agent

According to those attending, agents answered questions about community supervision and reintegration efforts. They also discussed rehabilitation through employment, medical treatment, mental health treatment, and education, while embracing parolee family systems.

The highlight for many was getting to see a parole Ford Explorer Interceptor, a caged transport vehicle. Community members learned the vehicle’s functions.

Touch-a-Truck allowed the agents to promote DAPO’s mission of community well-being and safety. Parole agents also handed out coloring books, pencils, key chains and lanyards.

Justin Rudd, the Community Action Team (CAT) Chief Inspiration Officer, brought back the Long Beach Touch-a-Truck this year along with Long Beach Councilwoman Suzie Price and Mayor Robert Garcia.

The 2022 Spring event is one of the city’s most tactile experiences, bringing more than 120 different trucks, cars, heavy equipment and more to let children and adults alike climb in and around the vehicles on display.

The event attracted thousands of families who got to meet the people who operate the vehicles.

For DAPO Parole Agents, it was a highly engaging event filled with meaningful dialogue, laughter, sunny skies and an ocean breeze.

“This is a great opportunity for state parole to be a part of. It’s important for folks to know what you all do and how you serve our community,” said Rudd.

Price agreed.

“It’s good to see parole again, and thank you for your service,” she said.

By Karen Reed, acting Parole Administrator
Division of Adult Parole Operations-Southern Region

Photos courtesy Justin Rudd

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