Equine therapy fosters cooperation at RJD

Five incarcerated people and two horses.
General population participants learn about horses at RJD Correctional Facility.

Administrators from Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility (RJD) and Mental Health coordinated to host equine therapy for the incarcerated population.

Rebels Farm’s representatives, professionally trained in providing equine therapy, demonstrated how these beautiful creatures can help in the healing process. Program participants learned skills to help them heal while interacting with horses in therapy activities.

The program fosters group cooperation and communication. One example is when participants needed to make a barrier for the horses. Without prompting, the participants, from all levels of care and all housing units within the yard, stood side by side and then held hands.

Incarcerated patients from RJD Facility C, a Level IV sensitive needs yard, were grateful for the equine therapy program. For some, this was the first time seeing, let alone interacting, with horses.

Many said it was the opportunity of a life time, explaining this experience changed their lives.

This experience was an example of how change is possible. Patients and staff felt the positive impact of the horses, as Rebels Farm was also able to incorporate a day of learning for employees.

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