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Pelican Bay K‑9 teams hunt down drugs

Two Pelican Bay prison K-9 officers with dogs and prison warden.
From left are PBSP Warden Jim Robertson, K-9 Officer Danny Fry and Leo with K-9 Officer D. Forkner and India.

K-9 teams stop over $1M in drugs from entering Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay State Prison Investigative Services K-9 Unit has been striking the drug traffickers and their smuggling operations where it hurts, damaging their operations inside the prison and in the community.

K-9 team D. Forkner and India along with K-9 team Danny Fry and Leo have helped stop over $1.2 million worth of narcotics from being introduced into the prison since January 2022.

The prison K-9 team often goes above and beyond their normal daily duties by working with outside law enforcement agencies to help our communities with drug enforcement. Through their combined efforts, the region’s growing communities continue to be safer places.

The team recently assisted the Humboldt and Del Norte Parole Agents with conducting searches of local parolees. The operation resulted in removing multiple guns and narcotics from convicted felons.

By Lieutenant Jason Schrag

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