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CDCR Crisis Response Teams seize drugs, guns

On July 26, CDCR Crisis Response Teams (CRT) 8, 10, 11, and 13 assisted the Parlier Police Department in Operation Safe Streets, seizing guns, drugs, and cash. The operation targeted violent offenders and gang members in Parlier and Del Rey.

Five people on probation for weapons charges were found with guns, resulting in all being arrested. Three of those arrested were juveniles.

Crisis Response Teams from 9 CDCR institutions

The CDCR teams hailed from:

  • Corcoran State Prison and Substance Abuse Treatment Facility
  • Kern Valley, North Ken and Wasco prisons
  • Avenal and Pleasant Valley prisons
  • Central California Women’s Facility and Valley State Prison

Operation Safe Streets involved multiple law-enforcement agencies to bolster community safety in the Parlier region.

The operation was the result of recent increased gang activity, including arson of a Parlier patrol car, threats made against police officers and a gang-related murder of a juvenile.

CRT teams served two residential search warrants related to narcotics and firearms. The teams also made probation and parole compliance checks on 20 people in the area.

What they found

While serving the search warrants, CRT teams discovered:

  • 100 grams of cocaine
  • $2500 worth of street-level marijuana substances
  • indicia related to narcotic sales
  • $12,000 cash
  • stolen Glock 23 with a fully automatic switch
  • and multiple rounds of ammunition.

During the probation searches, three people on probation for previous firearm-related charges were found with a .22 caliber rifle and ammunition.

In total, five arrests were made during the operation. All five were gang related and three were juveniles.

Successful joint CDCR and police operation

“This was an extremely successful operation. To have four Central Region CRT teams together to assist a community where our staff and families reside is a great feeling,” said Lieutenant Charles Morelock. 

The lieutenant thanked the following wardens for their trust and continued support of the CRT program:

  • Tammy Campbell, acting (COR)
  • Theresa Cisneros, (SATF)
  • Martin Gamboa, acting (ASP)
  • Ronnie Godwin, acting (PVSP)
  • Christian Pfeiffer, (KVSP)
  • Kelly Santoro, (NKSP)
  • Kevin Hixon, temporary acting (NKSP)
  • Heather Shirley, (WSP)
  • Landon Bird, (VSP)
  • Michael Pallares, acting (CCWF)

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