Benny Alcala, CCIII, passes away

Benny Alcala wearing a white shirt and tie.
Benny Alcala

Benny Alcala, Correctional Counselor III Classification and Parole Representative, passed away August 24, 2022.

He began his CDCR career at the Correctional Training Center as a cadet in September 2006. In December 2006, he reported as a correctional officer to Wasco State Prison-Reception Center.

Alcala promoted to correctional sergeant in May 2009. He then laterally moved to a correctional counselor in April 2010.

In December 2011, he laterally moved back to being a sergeant. He returned to begin a correctional counselor in February 2014.

In 2015, he transferred to CDCR Headquarters. He transferred back to Wasco in June 2016. The following year, he promoted to correctional counselor II at California City Correctional Facility. In 2018, he transferred to North Kern State Prison as a correctional counselor II supervisor.

In May 2022, he promoted to CCIII at Wasco State Prison-Reception Center, where he remained until his untimely passing.

“At this time of great sadness, we ask you keep the Alcala family in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time,” according to a statement issued by the institution.

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