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K‑9 Camo takes Riverside top detection honors

CDCR Officer and K-9 Camo hold award while standing in front of Riverside County Sheriff Mobile Command Unit.
Officer J. Martin and Camo in Riverside hold their hard-won award.

The nose knows and with Ironwood State Prison’s K-9 Camo, so do the judges at the 25th annual Riverside County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Trials.

The event, held Friday, Nov. 4, saw 75 K-9 teams participate in the trials hosted by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff’s Association. It was open to all full-time law enforcement and military handlers. Representing CDCR were Ironwood Correctional Officer J. Martin and his K-9 partner Camo. They’ve been partners for over five years.

Taking part in three narcotics detection events, the CDCR team received a perfect score, taking the overall first place Top Detection Dog award.

The events consisted of a building search, parcel search, and vehicle search. Judges based their scores on various criteria such as the amount of time it took to discover the contraband and overall teamwork between the handler and their canine.

“Ironwood State Prison is extremely proud of Officer Martin and K-9 Officer Camo for their hard work and dedication to CDCR and keeping our institution a safer place for both staff and our incarcerated population,” said Warden Neil McDowell.

Submitted by Lt. H. Mora

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