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CDCR welcomes 218 new correctional officers

New correctional officer holds a baby while a woman pins on his badge.
Family members help pin on a badge.

CDCR welcomed 218 new correctional officers after they successfully completed the Basic Correctional Officer Academy.

The academy graduation was held Dec. 2 at the Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center in Galt.

Class 7-22A began on Aug. 29 and completed 520 hours of in-classroom instruction along with applied practicum and scenarios in:

  • Ethics
  • Key and Tool Control
  • Use of Force
  • Prevention of Infectious Disease
  • Legal Issues
  • Staff and Incarcerated Interactions
  • Search and Property
  • Firearm Qualifications
  • Discipline
  • Escape Prevention
  • Fire Safety
  • Count
  • Report Writing
  • Chemical Agents
  • Security Threat Groups
  • Transportation
  • Crime Scene and Evidence Preservation
  • The R in CDCR
  • and more.

Please join Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development (POSED) in welcoming these new correctional officers from Class 7-22A into your institutions and into the CDCR family.

CDCR continues to hire correctional officers for positions statewide.

Interested applicants can apply online at

To learn more about the correctional officer selection process, watch this video.

Photos by Lisa Hamrick and Sgt. Berberena

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