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Governor’s Medal of Valor at Ironwood

Two people in uniforms and two in civilian clothing with the California's Medal of Valor logo behind them.
From left are Lt. H. Mora, Director Connie Gipson, RN M. Mora, and Sgt. J. Bradley.

The Governor’s Medal of Valor was recently presented to three CDCR employees from Ironwood State Prison. An earlier virtual ceremony had been held, but this was a way to honor the employees at their place of work, with family in attendance.

Receiving the award are Lt. Heriberto Mora, Sgt. John Bradley and Registered Nurse Mayra Mora.

In February 2021, while on their way to work, the Moras came across a serious accident on the freeway. They immediately stopped and ran across the highway to help.

Lt. Mora helped a young child who had been thrown from the car. Meanwhile, RN Mora took care of the driver’s head wound then turned her attention to a woman who had also been thrown from the vehicle.

After searching the car, Sgt. Bradley and Lt. Mora saved a baby still strapped into the car seat.

The trio was awarded the Bronze Star Medal at CDCR’s 2022 Medal of Valor story.

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