CTF auto body shop gets major upgrades

A large group of people clap and cheer. One man holds an oversized pair of scissors he used to cut a red ribbon. A lectern with orange flames painted on it reads "Valley Adult School Correctional Training Facility Vocational Auto Body."
The CTF Vocational Auto Body Program offers training certification in collision repair, paint color analysis, and body repair and painting.

Renovation celebrated with ribbon-cutting

The Correctional Training Facility (CTF) auto body shop is in even better shape to prepare students for successful careers thanks to a recent remodel.

The CTF Education Department hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the reopening of the Vocational Auto Body Program. The program was closed for about a year while the remodel was completed.

Upon completion of the 18-month program, the 27 students assigned to the Vocational Auto Body Shop will receive certifications in collision repair, paint color analysis and body repair and painting. The upgrade will help them meet those goals, with the installation of a new auto paint booth, auto body aligner, and paint mixing room.

Event attendees included:

“The men assigned to this program will now have access to the latest auto body technology,” said David Mena, Vice Principal of Vocations. “With this, along with the certifications obtained, they will have the ability to acquire a job with a livable wage upon release from prison.”

A silver car in a paint shop. The car is partially covered in painter's tape and protective material.
The CTF Vocational Auto Body Program students, instructors, and guests celebrate the reopening of the auto body shop.

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Submitted by Lt. Wil Landrum

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