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Meet Correctional Business Manager Padilla

Correctional Business Manager Sonia Padilla smiling at sitting near her desk.
Sonia Padilla, Correctional Business Manager at California Rehabilitation Center.

Sonia Padilla, the Correctional Business Manager for California Rehabilitation Center (CRC), is a busy woman. In her role, she is responsible for all business aspects of the institution such as paying the bills or purchasing food. She likens it to “running your own little city,” referencing the 24/7 nature of a prison, meeting the needs of staff as well as the incarcerated population.

Her path to becoming a Correctional Business Manager was not a straight line, leading Padilla through several departments. Padilla started with the state in 1992 as an office assistant in the mail room. Along the way, she held positions working with budgets and personnel, as well as being the COMPSTAT coordinator. These all gave her valuable experience, laying the foundation to manage CRC’s million dollar budget to ensure smooth operations.

For staff looking to promote through the department, she encourages them to take out-of-class assignments and cross-train.

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Inside CDCR caught up with Sonia Padilla, Correctional Business Manager at California Rehabilitation Center, to discuss her career in this video.

Video and story by Jeff Baur, TV Director, Specialist

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