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ASP, city honors staff

Avenal State Prison (ASP) and Golden Hills Adult School staff recently received honors from the city as well as prison officials.

Staff recognized included:

  • Jim Clark, Vocational Assistant Principal
  • Lt. James Campbell, recently retired ASP public information officer
  • David Encinas, Vocational Instructor
  • Tammi Barker, GED Teacher
  • and Mabel Love, Education Support Office Technician.

City of Avenal recognizes ASP staff

The City of Avenal honored Principal Clark and Instructor Encinas for their programs’ dedication and hard work on city projects. City officials presented the duo with plaques of recognition at the city council meeting.

“The City of Avenal would like to offer its sincere and humble appreciation for the contribution of the planter boxes for the Avenal Community Garden Project,” city officials said.

“I am honored to be part of the Avenal community and I am grateful for the partnership and trust built between the institution and community,” said Vocational Instructor Clark.

Campbell, who retired from CDCR on May 1, was presented a plaque by Mayor Alvaro Preciado, recognizing his dedication and work with the community.

“I am honored to serve CDCR and be given the opportunity to collaborate with the City of Avenal and their citizens,” said Campbell.

ASP Staff of the Year awards

ASP and Golden Hills Adult School announced their Staff of the Year winners.

Academic Teacher of the Year: GED High School teacher Tammi Barker

Tammi has a high number of General Education Diploma (GED) completions each year. She oversees the Youth Offender Program (YOP) and Peer Literacy Mentor Program (PLMP). Tammi is credited for transforming both into thriving programs with promising results for resident population.

Vocational Instructor of the Year: Vocational Instructor David Encinas 

David has completed numerous institutional projects, including the large planter box project completed with the City of Avenal. His presence goes beyond the classroom expectations of great student achievements and the many assigned teacher duties. David welcomes instructors to Golden Hills Adult School and coaches them to be the best in the teaching capacity they are placed.  

Support Staff of the Year: Education Support OT Mabel Love

Mabel Love came to the rescue in a desperate time of need. Golden Hills Adult School lost two Office Technicians (OT) and called on Mabel for support. While overseeing her endless duties for the Education Department, she managed the role of School Registrar and completed administrative duties to help keep the school running. Mabel remained consistent each day and maintained perfect attendance.

Story by Lt. Jose Reyes, Administrative Assistant/Public Information Officer
Avenal State Prison

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