CMF Military Assistance Program helps others

California Medical Facility (CMF) welcomed 20 Travis Air Force Base first sergeants to participate in the Military Assistance Program (MAP). The program aims to educate military personnel about consequences of criminal behavior and prevent them from entering the correctional system.

The first sergeants participated in a tour of the CMF facility, one-on-one meetings with incarcerated facilitators, and a debriefing. They gained firsthand knowledge that allowed them to identify who under their command could benefit from this program.

“I’m happy to have the United State Air Force (USAF) back at CMF. This program not only helps service members but gives the incarcerated population a sense of fulfillment by giving back,” said CMF Community Resources Manager Emily Haley.

The program is run by incarcerated facilitators, some of whom are former military veterans. Through their personal experiences with past errors and their consequences, they aim to help others avoid similar mistakes. MAP has been a vital program since its inception in 2016 and this was the first visit since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to the incarcerated facilitators for their courage and commitment to helping others. Their selfless actions have contributed to the success of MAP, ultimately helping to prevent military personnel from entering the justice system,” said Warden Daniel Cueva.

CMF has maintained a strong relationship with the USAF. Together, they ensure service members are on the right path and equipped to make sound decisions.

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