VSP remembers crime victims

man speaking at podium VSP National Crime Victims' event
Former VSP Inmate Michael Baldwin shares his story with the audience.

Valley State Prison (VSP) recently held its 10th annual National Crime Victims’ Rights event.

Since 2013, the VSP event has honored victims’ rights by raising funds and inviting survivors and community speakers to share their stories.

This year’s event was the largest to date with over 350 incarcerated people attending.

With their participation, the event raised over $4,000. Donations went to various victim rights organizations in attendance.

The event focuses on the multi-layered effects of violent crime. Survivors shared testimonies of how violent crime has affected them and their families. They emphasized the importance and value of local victim services agencies, while also sharing their experiences with offenders.

VSP incarcerated asked questions and engaged with survivors.

Guest speakers at VSP

The guest speakers at this year’s event included former VSP inmate Michael Baldwin, who shared a story of redemption and transformation. VSP Youth Offender Program Officer N. Gonzalez shared the importance of rehabilitation and supporting the rights of crime victims.

“This crime victim rights event has deeply touched the hearts of all attendees. It serves as a sincere reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the need to support survivors. We are proud to host such an event that promotes empathy and understanding among our inmate population,” said Correctional Business Manager R. Lindsey.

VSP’s National Crime Victims’ Rights event continues to promote awareness, empathy, and support for survivors of violent crimes. It exemplifies the transformative power of sharing personal experiences and working together to create a more compassionate society.

Story by Lt. H. Gastelum, AA/PIO
Valley State Prison

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