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Satterfield named SCC Officer of the Year

Officer Satterfield and a lieutenant during an Officer of the Year presentation from the Rotary Club.
Officer David Satterfield, left, receives the Officer of the Year award from Lt. Nicholas Millard.

David Satterfield, a correctional officer at Sierra Conservation Center (SCC), received the Officer of the Year award from a local Rotary Club.

Local law enforcement officers and firefighters joined the Angels-Murphys Rotary Club for an awards ceremony honoring their work. Five agencies took part in the ceremony, presenting plaques and expressing words of appreciation to their colleagues who were selected as officers or firefighters of the year.

SCC Lt. Nicholas Millard presented Satterfield with the award.

“Satterfield’s detailed, thorough searches has prevented harm by intercepting contraband. His rigorous attention to detail and EMT training have also proven useful in his role as Alarm Response Coordinator,” said Millard.

Jenny Baxter, a Rotarian and Satterfield’s high school teacher, joined in to express praise and pride for the officer. Baxter taught school for 30 years.

“David Satterfield, who was bright, creative and ambitious, will always have a place in my heart,” Baxter said. “I knew that when he grew up, he would be so successful, and look at him today.”

Angels-Murphys Rotary honors local first responders annually. Next year the club hopes to hold the ceremony in a larger venue to accommodate the expanded audience.

Learn more about Angels-Murphy Rotary Club and events on their website.

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