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Parole agents, formerly incarcerated speak at SAC

Incarcerated people sit in front of a stage as they listen to parole agents and two formerly incarcerated people.
Attendees listen to parole agents and formerly incarcerated at CSP-Sacramento as part of an RTime Co. event.

Two parole agents and formerly incarcerated juvenile lifers recently shared stories of rehabilitation at California State Prison, Sacramento (SAC).

In addition to the parole agents, formerly incarcerated youth Rocky Hunt and Jay Vasquez spoke about their paths through the prison system. The event was part of RTime Co., a non-profit organization promoting rehabilitation, recovery, restoration and reconciliation.

Sharing their experiences, Hunt and Vasquez discussed their story of resilience and triumph navigating the prison system.

The commonality they share are their stories of rehabilitation, higher education, and community building through the power of mentorship. Today, they are not only free, but also providing life-changing mentorship, whether in or out of prison.

Parole Agents Eddy Yee and Peter Tram were able to debunk myths regarding parole, giving advice on how to best prepare before being released on parole.

They opened the floor up for questions, and provided insightful answers on how to be successful upon release.

“Overall, the population left with hope and inspiration,” said organizers.

Story submitted by Lt. Erik Altvatter, AA/PIO

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