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ASP staff, incarcerated collaborate to help youth

Four incarcerated artists with skateboards and three Avenal State Prison staff.
Artistic collaboration is alive and well at Avenal State Prison.

In the spirit of the California Model, Avenal State Prison (ASP) staff and incarcerated artists continue to collaborate to provide skateboards for community youth.

Staff continue to work with the artists to beautify skateboards as part of a partnership with Fresno Skateboard Salvage. The nonprofit organization provides skateboards to disadvantage youth in the greater Fresno area. The organization also fosters cooperation between prison staff and the incarcerated artists as a key aspect of the California Model.

The incarcerated artists have applied their skills to a unique canvas: skateboards. Through the years, with the support of prison staff, incarcerated artists have flourished in this program, honing their talents.

The artists design and paint the skateboards.

“Staff here at Avenal have truly embraced this program, empowering us to do our best work.” stated one incarcerated artist.

One of the correctional officers agreed.

“The artist here have produced amazing work throughout the years. This program keeps them busy, allowing staff and incarcerated artists to collaborate in a positive way,” the officer said.

When complete, Fresno Skateboard Salvage receives the skateboards and auctions them to the public to raise money for the non-profit organization. While the organization gives back to youths in surrounding communities, it also provides an organic collaboration between staff and the artists.

Submitted by Lt. Jose Reyes, AA/PIO
Avenal State Prison

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