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CDCR psychologist article in peer‑reviewed journal

Respected journal publishes Dr. Caddell’s co-authored study

A CDCR psychologist recently co-authored an article in the journal Law and Human Behavior. Dr. Tonneka Caddell is a psychologist in the Division of Adult Parole Operations’ Behavioral Health Reintegration (BHR).

Psychologist Tonneka Caddell smiling.
Dr. Tonneka Caddell

The article discusses the authors’ study on effectively using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.

It is the most widely used and researched tool used by mental health professionals to help diagnose mental health disorders.

The personality inventory uses True/False questions scored on a scale to describe a person’s mental processes and how they manage stress.

Overall, the study finds people of color (POC) are more likely to choose “true” on questions intended to measure clinical paranoia. As a result, forensic practitioners should assess for cultural mistrust, which can be misinterpreted as clinical paranoia in POC.

“It is crucial to consider the impact culture and diversity has on the individuals we serve,” said Caddell.

Her research interests include:

  • forensic assessment
  • risk management and treatment interventions specific to sexual offenders
  • serious mental illness
  • and cultural mistrust.

Law and Human Behavior, published by the American Psychological Association, is a well-known publication in the field. The peer-reviewed journal publishes articles that have passed through a review process by other scholars in the same field.

Caddell and Behavioral Health Reintegration (BHR)

Caddell transferred to BHR in September 2022 from Patton State Hospital, a forensic psychiatric hospital in San Bernardino County. BHR is a first-line resource of clinical case management services designed to assist parolees with their successful reintegration back into the community.

Located in most parole offices, BHR is staffed with psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. They provide behavioral health intervention services to approximately 13,000 high-risk/high-need formerly incarcerated persons to support their successful reintegration into the community.

Caddell received her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in family systems and a concentration in forensic psychology from Azusa Pacific University. During her graduate studies, she completed clinical training conducting sex offender treatment at Sharper Future and assessment training at Patton State Hospital.

Read the Law and Human Behavior article.

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