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CIM Facility D partially deactivated

A building with the words West Dorm and Out of Bounds written across the entryway.
Facility D at CIM was deactivated in mid-April 2023.

Facility D (FAD) at California Institution for Men (CIM) was partially deactivated in spring 2023.

The Secure Level 1 Non-Designated Programming Facility and was the third oldest prison in the state of California. Dating to 1941, it was previously known as the Minimum Support Facility.

The facility’s primary mission was vocational training and productive employment combining farming with industry.

In 1941, there were only two housing units, South and West Dorm. As of the date of partial deactivation, there were 12 housing units.

CIM is committed to rehabilitation. As such, even though the Facility D housing units have been deactivated, rehabilitative programs such as CALPIA Dive School, CAL PIA Laundry, Paws behind Walls and Vocation and Education programs continue to be provided at CIM’s remaining three facilities.

The facility was partially deactivated April 16, 2023.

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Submitted by Lt. Manuel Vega, AA/PIO
California Institution for Men

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