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CDCR unveils comprehensive institution data dashboard

CDCR has released a new data dashboard providing detailed information about California’s state prisons. The dashboard provides current and historical data for all prisons in one environment.

View the SB 601 Dashboard on the CDCR website.

Senate Bill (SB) 601 was signed into law in 2015.

This bill requires the department to publish a quarterly report outlining each institution’s:

  • budget, expenditures
  • security level
  • rehabilitative programs
  • staff vacancies
  • overtime/sick leave use
  • and the number of use-of-force incidents, among other data points.

Data is compiled from several sources, including the law enforcement data tool COMPSTAT.

Since the bill was signed, CDCR’s Office of Research has produced these quarterly reports in PDF form, and published them online. Since the SB601 data dashboard contains historical data going back three fiscal years (pursuant to statute), the PDF reporting format is no longer needed and will be removed.

“Instead of having to sort through individual reports, this data dashboard allows end-users to quickly and efficiently access current and historical COMPSTAT indicators for all California State prisons in one environment,” said Amber Lozano, Chief Risk Officer (A) for the Office of Research. “In addition to providing a quality resource for CDCR’s stakeholders, the new dashboard provides filtering options and line charts to identify trends and patterns.”

Data from fiscal years 2019-20 through present are available now. The dashboard will be updated quarterly.

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