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ASP sees success with Paw Estates

The Avenal State Prison (ASP) incarcerated population has donated over $3,100 to Paw Estates in support of the program. In addition to the donation, ASP successfully trained 25 dogs in the art of obedience. These canines have transformed from rambunctious pups into disciplined companions, ready to find their forever homes.

The prison staff could not help but form an undeniable connection with these furry friends. The sight of wagging tails and eager eyes melted their hearts. Staff began adopting the dogs, making them an integral part of their own families.

The incarcerated individuals had the opportunity to contribute to staff’s families by adding another beloved member in a unique situation. The dogs have helped bridge the gap between staff and incarcerated individuals.

Staff witnessed firsthand the understanding and commitment that the incarcerated possessed when it came to the animals. The dogs became a vessel for personal growth, as they provided those incarcerated individuals with a sense of purpose, responsibility, and empathy.

The Paw Estates program, fueled by this heartwarming success, showed no signs of slowing down. The collaboration between Paw Estates and ASP staff continues to flourish.

Story by Lt. Jose Reyes, AA/PIO
Avenal State Prison

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