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CVSP rolls out Shared Governance program

Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP) marked the rollout and kickoff of the Shared Governance program.

CVSP Nurses now have an official role and influential voice in the decision-making process concerning patient care protocols and work environments leading to impacts on their practice outcomes. This achievement was made possible through the implementation of the Shared Governance Program.

The CVSP Shared Governance Team created the following mission, vision, and tagline for our local program:

  • Mission Statement: Shared Governance to give staff an environment and a voice to affect the care provided to patients.
  • Vision Statement: To develop success and growth of our employees with shared mutual respect and teamwork.
  • Tag Line: Caring, Valiant, Sincere, Passionate. (CVSP)

During the CVSP Shared Governance kickoff event, participants from various disciplines connected with committee members. They gained a deeper understanding of the initiative and actively participated in games while enjoying snacks and desserts.

Part of the festive atmosphere also included lively music and an art show. This event effectively educated all attendees about Shared Governance, empowered nursing staff to actively engage in the program.

To showcase support and dedication to the program, members of the institutional executive team and headquarters leadership actively participated in the events.

By Amy Daniel, Health Program Specialist

Group photo of health care staff at CVSP for a shared governance event.
Shown at the event are LVN J. Youso, NCPR B. Fong, LVN B. Stevens, RN C. Hernandez, MA S. Salazar, CP&S P. Kadile, CEO B. Lincoln, SRN III L. Williams, Warden D. Holbrook, HPSI A. Daniel, CNE S. Faid, OT J. Martinez, SG Chair RN E. Bigler, LVN T. White, NCPR D. Toman, SG Co-Chair RN R. Villagomez, and HCAU Capt. Soria.

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