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Meet Carmen Maroney, Community Resource Manager

Community Resource Manager sitting at desk in Valley State Prison.
Carmen Maroney, Community Resource Manager

Tight-knit farming communities are built on relationships, a tenet embraced by Valley State Prison Community Resource Manager Carmen Maroney.

Over the past decade, Maroney has served the incarcerated population by managing and supervising programs inside the walls.

She’s also busy building relationships between the institution and the Madera County community.

Maroney says her job is fulfilling because she’s making a difference for the incarcerated as well as the community.

She sees her job as one of community educator, helping residents understand the prison’s goals of rehabilitation, re-entry into society and lowering recidivism.

Maroney started her career in a sworn position in law enforcement. However, she moved into the community resource manager role at Valley State about 10 years ago.

In her position, she leads numerous volunteer efforts, fostering the prison’s giving spirit. Some of those efforts include donating bicycles and school supplies as well as a youth diversion program.

She believes in setting a good example for younger women in the department, often sharing her journey and story.

She advises new employees to set goals and objectives to be successful in the department.

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