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CEN adopts promotion ceremony tradition

CEN promotion ceremony with a wife pinning new sergeant rank on her husband's uniform while he holds their infant daughter.
His daughter looking on while his wife pins his new sergeant chevrons to his uniform, Sgt. A. Arias is one of many to be recognized at CEN during a promotion ceremony.

To recognize those taking on leadership roles, Centinela State Prison (CEN) is marking their achievements through a new promotion ceremony tradition.

Centinela State Prison Warden Guzman.
CEN Warden Guzman

Like many institutions, CEN has seen a large manager and administrator turnover. With that turnover comes new ideas on how to improve and make our areas better.

One such idea at CEN is a recently adopted old military tradition meant to honor and acknowledge newly promoted supervisors. In this tradition, military leaders conduct ceremonies to announce the promotion of troops in front of their peers and family.

With the ability to once again gather for celebrations, CEN has adopted this tradition. The inaugural ceremony was held in January.

To date, CEN has held multiple ceremonies for newly promoted Supervisors and Managers of various classifications.

Promotion from various classifications

Some of those promotions included:

  • 1 Captain
  • 2 Correctional Counselor II Supervisors
  • 5 Correctional Lieutenants
  • 13 Correctional Sergeants
  • 2 Supervisors of Building Trades
  • 1 Personnel Supervisor II
  • and 1 Assistant Correctional Food Manager.

Held in front of peers and co-workers, the CEN promotion ceremony also welcomes families.

The newly promoted are presented with a promotional certificate and, when applicable, their loved ones get the opportunity to pin their new rank on their uniform.

The ceremony serves as a motivation to the recipients, while also inspiring others to take the next step in their careers. Acknowledging staff achieve an important career milestone marks the significance of transitioning to a Supervisor or Manager.

As they assume their new responsibilities, it’s important to recognize the responsibilities and roles they are accepting.

During the ceremony, Warden Guzman expressed the importance of a supervisor’s ability to manage their areas and the significance of being a leader.

The Warden’s message is clear: as a team, it is our duty and responsibility to prepare our staff for a successful career by providing the necessary tools and resources to overcome any obstacle they may encounter.

Submitted by Lt. Dustin Loop, AA/PIO
Centinela State Prison

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