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CTF celebrates Navajo Code Talkers

Correctional Training Facility (CTF) commemorated the Navajo Code Talkers Day with a ceremony at the institution. This event featured addresses from guest speakers, a ceremonial wreath-laying, and riveting traditional performances, including:

  • the Navajo Dance
  • Kalpulli Izkalli
  • Aztec Dance
  • and the Haka Dance.

Approximately 50 incarcerated participated in the performances. Barrios Unidos, The Going Home Project, and the Amity Foundation also presented at the event.

These events shed light on cultural heritage and valor. They provide the incarcerated population an opportunity to connect with their roots. Through this, the incarcerated discover newfound respect for diverse cultures. For visitors and incarcerated in attendance, the event provided a sense of cultural appreciation and community.

World War II served as the backdrop of the event. Foreign adversaries constantly intercepted and decoded American military messages, hindering the United States’ strategic operations.

In response, the U.S. Marine Corps recruited nearly 500 Navajo men to craft an unbreakable code. This code derived from their native language to convey top-secret information securely.

Employed throughout the Pacific theater, this ingenious Navajo code remained indecipherable to enemy forces. The Navajo Code Talkers invaluable role sealed victory for the Allies.

Story submitted by Lt. Wil Landrum, AA/PIO
Correctional Training Facility

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