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DAPO attends San Diego training, symposium

Parole agents at a symposium and training in San Diego.
From left are PAII Supervisor Meko Locarnini, PAIII (A) Anthony Marquez, PAIII Aimee Sugapong, PAI Thor Fong, PAII (A) Quoc Huynh, Parole Administrator Jack Sun, PAIII Paul Baltazar, PA Leo Nguyen, PAII Supervisor Louis Kissane, Assistant Deputy Director Julie Kaplan, and Assistant Regional Administrator Asvi Phuong.
Parole agents in front a display for the symposium.
From left are Parole Administrator J. Sun, PAIII J. Howard, PA T. Fong, PAII Supervisor L. Kissane, PAIII P. Baltazar, PAII Supervisor (A) C. Barker, Assistant Deputy Director Kaplan, PAIII A. Sugapong, PAII Supervisor M. Locarnini, and PAIII T. Chang.

Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) recently attended the National Asian Peace Officer Association (NAPOA) Annual Training Symposium and Exposition in San Diego.

Co-hosted by the association and San Diego Police Department, the symposium ran from July 31 through Aug. 4.

The national association serves as the voice of over 3,000 Asian American and Pacific Islander law enforcement officers and special agents in 23 local chapters across the country. 

The group’s mission is to promote diversity within the law enforcement community and open doors for advancement through leadership training, education, and mentorship.

The annual event provides networking with peers from several law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

The DAPO agents participated in various training sessions, including:

  • Combating Law Enforcement Suicide
  • Interviewing Preparation
  • Active Shooter Debriefing/Tactics
  • Women in Law Enforcement
  • and Mentoring Program/Career Development.

In addition to training, DAPO agents also connected with federal, state, and local agencies. They also met DAPO co-workers from different parts of the state.

Submitted By PAIII Aimee Sugapong, DAPO Training Unit
and acting PAIII Xavio Tong, Orange GPS Parole Unit

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