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VSP hosts staff suicide prevention event

Valley State Prison (VSP) recently held their annual staff suicide prevention and awareness event. The event shows commitment to the well-being of staff, emphasizing the importance of supporting one another during challenging times.

VSP’s medical, dental, and mental health staff worked tirelessly to prepare and package meals for all three shifts. The simple act of sharing a meal can promote camaraderie and strengthen bonds.

“We must stand together, support one another, and be vigilant when it comes to mental health. The simple act of reaching out can make a world of difference to someone in need,” said Warden McVay.

Volunteer staff members played a vital role in the event by distributing suicide awareness ribbons to all attendees. These ribbons served as visual reminders of the importance of mental health and the need to de-stigmatize conversations surrounding suicide.

Attendees received take-home literature and resources to ensure they had access to information on mental health support and suicide prevention.

“In times of crisis, we as co-workers are all responsible for each other’s well-being. By working together and spreading awareness, I believe we can make a difference,” said Business Service Manager R. Lindsey.

Story submitted by Lt. H. Gastelum, AA/PIO
Valley State Prison 

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