Victim & Survivor Rights & Services

OVSRS educates stakeholders statewide

Office of Victim & Survivor Rights & Services (OVSRS) hit the road to educate various stakeholders within California. Silvia Aceves, Victim Services Manager, and Elwina Rivera, Restitution Services Manager, provided in-depth overview training for stakeholders.

OVSRS spoke with the Office of the Attorney General, Office of Community Awareness, Response and Engagement – Victim Services Unit.

Topics covered included:

  • the use and importance of the CDCR Form 1707 (Request for Victim Services)
  • processes, services and policies for victims participating in parole proceedings;
  • restitution services and collections, types of restitution
  • and OVSRS’s partnership with the Franchise Tax Board for collection of restitution orders.

OVSRS provided an overview of CDCR restorative justice programs including Victim Offender Dialogue and the Accountability Letter Bank.

There were approximately ten victim advocates and a manager in attendance with questions and extensive discussions. Future collaboration is encouraged to bring understanding to the public, victims, victim-based organizations, and District Attorney offices.

OVSRS commits to working closely with our stakeholders at both the county and state level.

For more information contact OVSRS by phone at 1-877-256-6877 or email at

Story submitted by Katie James, Chief, OVSRS

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