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SQ welcomes filmmakers, actor Jon Hamm

Filmmakers, Hollywood writers, and actors came into San Quentin Rehabilitation Center (SQ) to film a baseball documentary. During filming, the prison rivalry baseball game commenced as the SQ Giants beat the LA Love baseball team 8-6.

Jon Hamm, Emmy and Golden Globe award winning actor, ran the bases and hit some balls on SQ’s Field of Dreams.

“So far, so good. Great game, good field, good defense and the ball is in play,” said Hamm.

Other writers involved in the documentary included:

  • Alex Ansoleaga
  • Jack Donaldson
  • Brian Nicholes, who is also responsible for bringing the LA Love baseball team into SQ
  • David Gould, writer/producer of Abbott Elementary
  • and Justin Halpern. 

“Believe it or not, I can throw about a 70- or 80-mph pitch,” said Halpern. He has been in the business for 15 years and received a Golden Globe, three Emmy awards and the Critics Choice Award.

LA vs SQ

Some of the crew brought their sons to get the full prison experience and they all played different positions. The LA Love team was the only team to beat the SQ Giants when they went on that 38-2 run in 2019. This time they struggled, it wasn’t until the later innings that LA Love started to make a comeback from their 3-0 deficit.

After Hamm hit a double RBI, the LA Love team of writers and producers put their first points on the board.

“Having volunteers come in and play with the population ties into the Governor’s announcement (and helps educate) the community regarding the rehabilitative programming offered. Introducing the California Model and creating an environment that promotes common humanity is the goal,” said Lt. G. Berry, SQ Public Information Officer.

Story by Timothy Hicks
San Quentin Rehabilitation Center

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