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SATF African Drumming raises tempo for arts

Correctional officer sits with drumming participants.
The California Model benefits staff and the population CDCR serves. African Drumming is a six month program.

The Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (SATF), working with Arts in Corrections, brought peace, healing, and hope through the African Drumming Program.

On Facility F, the Alliance for California Traditional Arts ran a six-month drumming program in line with the California Model. This effort helps normalize the correctional environment for the incarcerated as well as staff, making it safer for those living and working inside the walls.

The program participants learned the art of African Drumming, finding a healthy outlet for their frustrations. Several participants said the program helped them find a sense of peace and hope.

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Story by Priscilla Marin, Community Resource Analyst
Submitted by Lt. Brent Urban, AA/PIO
California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

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