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VSP annual May Day unites staff

Valley State Prison’s (VSP) education department hosted their the annual May Day event. The event intends to bring staff closer together and demonstrate the power of collaboration.

May Day kicks off with a hearty breakfast provided by the academic staff. Activities for the day are done by groups of VSP staff. Names are drawn from a hat to form teams randomly, ensuring that everyone gets the opportunity to work with different colleagues.

Activities ranged from tossing discs into a hoop to using chopsticks to extract jellybeans from a pickle jar. Each task is carefully designed to require teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. The scores from each challenge are recorded, motivating teammates to collaborate and strategize effectively.

Halfway through the day, staff is provided a taco stand lunch. After lunch, the teams were back at it, building Jenga structures and competing in games of water pong.

Staff reflects on May Day

“It is always great to see your staff working together. Getting away from the concrete walls and the chain-link fences, out in the sunshine doing something fun, just enhances the camaraderie, and brings everyone just a little bit closer,” said VSP Principal Wayne Tilley.

As the day concluded, points were tallied and teams awarded medals. The annual event strengthens teamwork and provides lasting memories and bonds among the staff.

Story submitted by Lt. H. Gastelum
Valley State Prison

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