PRCS Contacts

Need assistance with releases from a CDCR institution or facility?

This website will provide information for County Probation staff who supervise inmates who have been released on Postrelease Community Supervision (PRCS) from a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) institution.

General Pre-Release

The documents included in the Release Program Study (RPS) and Pre-Release Packet represent a brief history of the inmate from reception to release. They contain informational documents that specify the inmates case factors, proposed residence, employment, institutional adjustment, supervision determination, reporting instructions, and any medical and mental health disabilities. The Pre-Release Packets are provided to better assist County Probation staff in managing the inmates on probation.

The Pre-Release process begins at the institution with the Parole Service Associate or Correctional Counselor (Camp) who documents the inmate’s release plans onto the RPS, and is concluded by Case Records Services staff, who compile the documents listed in the Pre-Release Checklist.

After Case Records Services staff has gathered all of the applicable documents needed to complete the Pre-Release Packet, staff will notify the counties of the inmates who are being discharged to PRCS via the Pre-Release Packet. The Pre-Release Packet will be electronically sent to the county identified on the RPS as the county of last legal residence. Case Records Services staff will call the county to confirm receipt.

How do I contact an Institution about an inmate’s release?

You may contact the Institution PRCS Liaison on the Institution PRCS County Liaison List for questions regarding the following topics. The Institution PRCS Liaison is best equipped to handle questions or concerns regarding an inmate currently housed at the institution.

  • Release Program Study
  • CDCR Form 1515-CS, Notice and Conditions of PRCS and/or Special Conditions
  • County of Last Legal Residence
  • Pre- and Post-Release Packets
  • Release Date Information/Calculation
  • Inmate Property
  • Notification of Change in Release Status
  • Serious or Violent Felony challenges
  • PC Section 3060.7 questions
  • Sentence calculations

How do I reach the Division of Adult Institutions Headquarters office?

The Institution PRCS Liaison where the inmate is located is best equipped to provide real-time up to date information regarding an inmate housed in the institution. However, if there are unresolved issues, please contact the Division of Adult Institutions PRCS Liaisons, Correctional Counselor II (CCII) Allison Oretega-Schafer and Bernice Cassesi at:

What if County Probation staff disagree with CDCR’s determination that an inmates will be released to PRCS?

To contest the designation of an inmate as appropriate for PRCS supervision, please contact the Institution PRCS County Liaison List (refer to the hyperlink above).

For an offender that has already been released from CDCR to DAPO or PRCS in error, per Appellate Court Decision in People vs. Ruiz, there will no longer be a 60-day limit to challenge supervision to DAPO or PRCS. If it is determined, that an offender is being supervised in error by DAPO or PRCS, the case shall be transferred to the appropriate supervision within 60 days of discovery.

If determined that the offender is required to be supervised by county probation, DAPO shall ensure the RPS and certified sentencing court documents are delivered to the proper supervising county via email.

What if the County Probation staff disagree with being identified as the County of Last Legal Residence?

To contest the identification of the County of Last Legal Residence, please contact the Institution PRCS County Liaison List (refer to the hyperlink above).

Who do I contact if I need educational records for a released inmate?

GED transcript requests should be directed to or by telephone at 877-EXAM-GED (877-392-6433)

High School Diploma (HSD) and High School transcript requests should be email to:, for the Adult Secondary and Post-Secondary Education unit within OCE.

The following information should be included when requesting educational records:

  • Inmate’s name, date of birth, last four digits of Social Security Number, CDCR number, current phot ID, the name of the CDCR institution where the high school diploma was earned, and year it was earned.
  • The email address, physical mailing address or fax number to which the records are to be sent.
  • The inmate must sign the transcript request form and must be verified by a county official when granting permission for CDCR to release the requested records.