Transportation of Special Needs

PRCS CPOC & CDCR Agreement

Currently, there is no statutory requirement for probation to come to a facility to pick up a released Post-Release Community Supervision (PRCS), just as there is no requirement for California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to deliver them to the county. Since the statute is silent, both the CDCR and CPOC decided it would be best to articulate a policy in our agreed upon procedures. None of this is binding but it does reflect the agreement between CDCR and CPOC in order to address these issues. Below is the agreement that CPOC and CDCR have been operating under:

  • Offenders being released to a hospital for medical placement -CDCR will deliver.
  • Offenders being released to a hospital for mental health placement (5150) -CDCR will deliver and Probation staff will meet them to assist. It is critical for probation to meet them there because upon release CDCR no longer has jurisdiction.
  • EOP who cannot take public transportation due to their mental health status CDCR will transfer to the closest institution to the county and Probation will pick up.
  • Inmates in SHU will be transferred to an institution closest to the county prior to release when bed space is available. County may choose to pick up or offender will be released from that facility.
  • While statute does not require either Probation or CDCR to transport the offender, both parties agree it is in the best interest of public safety that these agreements be made in special cases.