Executive of the Year

2021 Executive of the Year

The Executive of the Year Award is given annually to the person or persons who consistently demonstrate remarkable leadership skills, integrity, values, vision, commitment  to excellence, agency performance, community service and diversity.


Karen Thacker, Regional Parole Administrator in the Division of Adult Parole Operations Southern Region Headquarters

Karen has made significant contributions to DAPO policy, training, and programs such as the Sex Offender Management Program, the Adult Programs Unit, the California Parole Apprehension Team, and the Succession Management Program. 

Her commitment to public safety and successful reintegration is matched by her commitment to a diverse workforce that represents our State. 

Karen has also embraced technology as a key best practice tool for Southern Region’s effectiveness and success. 

Under Karen’s leadership, public safety has been enhanced while the number of use-of-force related injuries have gone down.