Correctional Supervisor of the Year

2022 Correctional Supervisor of the Year

The Correctional Supervisor of the Year award is given annually to the person or persons who serve as positive role models and foster an environment supporting a balance between professional development, professional job performance, and personal wellness. The recipient or recipients conduct themselves professionally through fair, honest, and ethical behavior.

Correctional Supervisor of the Year recipient:

Marvin Caruthers, Correctional Lieutenant, Chuckawalla Valley State Prison

Lieutenant Caruthers joined CDCR in November 2008 and is currently assigned as the Personnel Assignments Lieutenant at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP), a position has held since April 2020. This challenging assignment was given to him

just as the COVID-19 public health emergency was gaining ground. Lt. Caruthers was able to navigate all of the challenges created by the pandemic and worked to ensure CVSP continued to flourish.
Lt. Caruthers lives the definition of collaboration and hand-in-hand work with other staff. He has accommodated all the staff he interacts with, and goes out of his way to assist others. He is always concerned with the “big picture” for CVSP as a whole — he works hard to ensure the institution is successful.

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