The Office of Audits and Court Compliance’s (OACC) services are dedicated to identify unreasonable risks to the Department; minimize waste; increase efficiency, accountability, and compliance with court-ordered remedial plans in departmental programs and operations; and enhance the public safety mission of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).


OACC’s mission is to safeguard public resources entrusted to the CDCR and assist the Secretary in discharging oversight of operational responsibilities through independent audits, reviews, evaluations, and performance measurement, resulting in improved departmental accountability, efficiency, effectiveness, and reduced risk.  OACC evaluates fiscal and program internal controls which provide assurances that resources are used in compliance with State and federal guidelines, and departmental policies safeguarding against waste, fraud, and misuse of State resources. 


The OACC takes a proactive approach in protecting CDCR resources, mitigating risk, measuring performance, conducting quality, timely and transparent auditing services to reduce fiscal waste, increase efficiency and compliance with departmental operation mandates, State and federal class-action lawsuits, and to reduce incidents of unfavorable external audits.


Short term and long term goals for OACC are as follows:

  • Increase CDCR’s credibility by enforcing accountability through tracking and monitoring of corrective actions to elicit positive changes within the Department.
  • Establish baseline performance measures for all programmatic areas in CDCR through the COMPSTAT process.
  • Early identification of unreasonable risks to CDCR that allow CDCR management to take corrective action and avoid significant liability and negative external agency exposure.
  • Reduce contract overpayments.
  • Come into compliance with the State and federal nonmedical lawsuits to reduce major litigation exposure and expense.
  • Increase efficiency and accountability.
  • Reduce fiscal waste.
  • Assist CDCR to obtain American Correctional Association accreditation for the Department’s adult institutions.
  • Bring forth positive recognition of OACC.

Contact Information

Office of Audits and Court Compliance
P O Box 942883
Sacramento, Ca 94283

Phone: (916) 255-2990
Fax: (916) 255-1850