Ombudsman Services

The Office of the Ombudsman, Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), receives inquiries from youth, parolees, families, staff, and outside stakeholders. The Ombudsman serves as an objective fact finder, discusses solutions to problems, reviews policy and procedures, and offers information and suggestions for the fair treatment of youth, parolees, families, and staff.

The Ombudsman works towards maintaining safe and proper living conditions for the youths by routinely visiting and touring DJJ facilities with Superintendents and other Executive Staff members. The Ombudsman gives support to all DJJ facilities to assist with facility and operational issues.

Before contacting the Ombudsman be sure that you have done everything possible to try to settle your issue—such as using the grievance process, the appeal process, etc.—and supply the Ombudsman with information about the results of your attempts to address your concerns.

When contacting the Ombudsman’s Office, please provide the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Relationship to the Youth
  • Name of the Youth
  • DJJ Number of the Youth
  • Location of the Youth
  • Brief Description of the concern

Provide a brief overview of the results of efforts made by you and the youth to resolve the issue.

View the Ombudsman’s Office phone contact information or write to:

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Office of the Ombudsman
1515 S Street
Sacramento, CA  95811

All youth within DJJ facilities may also contact the Office of the Ombudsman directly by dialing the following number from any payphone within the facility: 916-322-7166. 

Under state law, youth referred to the DJJ enjoy certain rights.  Contact DJJ about the Youth Bill of Rights that family members and advocates for DJJ youths and parolees are encouraged to keep handy.